Web developer turned Senior Technical Project Manager with over 20 years experience seeks a position utilizing my understanding of the Internet, upcoming technologies, strong organizational skills, and my knowledge of website production procedures from both the development and management sides.


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Over the past 20 years I have been fortunate to work with several large and small companies. These collective experiences have offered me opportunities of leading and managing various sizes of development teams and working with a wide array of internal and external clients and stakeholders. I have worked with television stations and advertising agencies where I oversaw the in-house and outsourced development teams and lead teams to completing tasks and projects on time and within scope.

With my web developer background and years of experience as a manager I can convey the client’s needs to the technical team in an effective manner, as well as outline technical limitations or concerns to the client during initial meetings. The ability to be timely and effective in relaying information between all the parties concerned is what I believe to be the cornerstone to running an efficient project.

  • Project managed online sales projects and web sites
  • Developed departmental strategies for upcoming projects to grow business
  • Managed in-house and overseas developers
  • Communicated with stakeholders at all levels to provide information regarding the ongoing projects and initiatives
  • Managed development teams responsible for multiple traditional and digital specialty channel’s websites as well as the online video player and content delivery systems
  • Worked closely with designers, business strategy, information architects and account teams to ensure the client is getting the most bang for their dollar
  • Interviewed, skill level tested and hired developers, quality assurance staff, and designers
  • Led development teams through the full cycle of coding websites and sales projects from concept to launch
  • Worked with Financial Institutions, online and retail sales companies, government, advertising agencies, public and private television, and the automotive sector
  • Conducted annual performance reviews of development team staff


Work Experience

At M&T Bank I was the Sr Business Analyst responsible for capturing all requirements, managing day to day tasks, overseeing weekly Sprint reviews and presenting the Sprint outcome to senior management on a bi-weekly basis

ICC – M&T Bank

Sr Business Analyst
-July 2016 – Dec 2016

As the Sr Business Analyst I was responsible for managing all incoming requests and updates to the Ecommerce department from the other business sectors, senior management and quality care teams.

ICC – AEP Energy

Sr Business Analyst
– Ecommerce
Mar 2014 – May 2015

As the Sr Project Manager I managed all maintenance, updates and sales campaigns for the HP Rewards program. I also was the project manager responsible for all social media and advertising campaigns for Owens Corning based here in Ohio.

ICC – Resource

Sr. Project Manager
Mar 2014 – May 2015

Rypl.com Inc. (Rypl) is a full service global agency that specializes in marketing and maintaining one to one and one to many video streaming frameworks. Rypl also manages and maintains websites ranked in the Alexa ‘top 500’.

As the Sr Project Management at Rypl I worked closely with the remote developers (Europe) and the local design and marketing teams to maintain, update and grow the existing brands, websites and frameworks.

  • Creating and maintaining documentation to ensure all features and requests have been captured
  • Working with product owners to establish timelines and schedules
  • Maintained Kanban boards (digital and analogue) to track progress of overall product progress
  • Developed quarterly product development and deployment roadmaps
  • Assisted in company transition from Waterfall methodology to Agile/Scrum
  • Tracked and reported on employee utilization and efficiency

Rypl.com Inc.

Sr. Project Manager
Dec 2012 – Mar 2014

Momentum Advanced Solutions is a division of OnX Enterprise Solutions Ltd and specializes in working with large enterprises to use their existing digital framework and thoroughly understand the technology and security for every project

As part of the Project Management team at Momentum I worked with Insurance and credit card companies managing web based projects.

  • Tracking timelines and milestones between internal department
  • Creating and managing task lists and Gantt charts to ensure tasks are on time
  • Conducting daily and weekly status updates with internal and external stakeholders
  • Tracking budgets and resource allocations
  • Managing scope creep of each aspect of the project


Sr. Project Manager
July 2012 – Nov 2012

CGI Interactive is a consulting company that works with financial institutions, government and industry to assist with every aspect of their business from websites production to touch screen kiosk applications to future business strategy alignment.

At CGI I worked mainly with the banking sector managing website creation, modification and maintenance. I was responsible for;

  • Liaise between client and internal teams
  • Creating and managing project budgets
  • Updating senior staff (internal and client side) during weekly status meetings
  • Working with business strategy units to ensure the future vision was aligned with the clients needs
  • Conducting workshops with the client and information architect teams to layout the best user experience
  • Working with development team via daily scrums to ensure work is done on time and in scope


Sr. Project Manager
Aug 2011 – Aug 2012

BSTREET is a marketing communications agency with 20 year experience working with Coca-Cola, Weston Bakeries, Ferrero, and Corbys.

At B-Street I was responsible for managing all digital projects from cradle to grave. I was also tasked with implementing a new work flow/process for the digital department. I also managed the development team and mentored a Jr. Project Manager.

  • Create and manage the schedules for design and development resources
  • Creating and maintaining all Work Back Schedules, Statements of Work, Internal budgets
  • Run weekly meetings with the account, development and design teams to ensure all projects are on track
  • Conduct daily scrums with development team to ensure tasks are being completed as required
  • Hiring employees for digital development roles (local and overseas)


Project Manager
Nov 2010 – June 2011

TVO is Ontario’s public educational media organization as well as a traditional over the air broadcast television station whose vision is to empower people to be engaged citizens of Ontario through educational media.

As Project Manager I was tasked with overseeing the re-vamp/design/development/launch of the 3 main websites for TVO, (TVO.org, TVO Parents and P2C (Parents to Children)), as well as the creation and launch of a new digital asset repository. Each of the 3 websites has the requirement to be a stand alone unit, but also needs to tie in with the new digital asset repository in order to share data openly across all the sites.

  • Managing scope creep of each project
  • Working with upper management to define, create, and track budgets
  • Tracking timelines and milestones between each department
  • Managing task lists and Gantt charts to ensure tasks are on track
  • Liaising between the 4 departments which are all dependant on these websites
  • Produce technical documents for other support staff to use as guidelines
  • Conducting interviews with potential hires
  • Managing relations between 3rd party development companies and our internal developers
  • Working with each department to ensure their website requirements are documented and incorporated into the master spec document

TVO Interactive

Project Manager
Jan 2010 – Nov 2010

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